How we work

We started Cloud Devs because we knew there was a better way for developers and businesses to collaborate. A way that valued quality over competing on the lowest price with Asian outsourcing companies or getting ripped off by overpriced providers such as Toptal.

As former developers, we built the platform we always wished for, and over the past 5 years, companies have trusted us to source developers for over $15M in projects.

How we are different from a typical talent marketplace or a development shop?

Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that clients receive the best quality service as each developer is tested on the following requirements before becoming a Cloud Dev:

  • Remote Engagement
    Developers are tested on their skills outside of their engineering ability and must prove that they are reliable and conscientious with excellent communication and time management skills. In short, they must prove that they possess the qualities that are most valued by clients.

  • Technical acumen
    Each developer must then pass an automated coding exam, a live coding exercise and a technical interview with a member of our engineering team.

  • Commitment
    Each developer must then verify their exceptional commitment to customer service in an interview with executive team members. We only hire developers whose professionalism and sincerity match their exceptional engineering talents.

  • References
    Full reference checks are completed on each developer – providing you with trusted source of information on your chosen developer.

Thanks to our legacy in the open source community gives us a reputation footprint and recruiting advantage against any other development shop or marketplace. We don’t sacrifice quality for speed because we are screening new, ready-to-go developers every week that are eager to work with us. You have a lot of choices when it comes to solving your technical & development goals.

Cloud Devs has grown without any venture financing and we are not planing to raise any finance soon.
This means we’re growing as our results are worth paying for!